I Miss You

by raince

You, with the eyes that shine so bright.

Okay. Cheesy start but yeah, I miss you. You don’t talk to me anymore, you know. It seems like there’s already a wall between us. I don’t even think you still remember me. I think I just became invisible to you. You know, like magiiic.

I don’t remember what had happened. What did I do? Did I do something that made you upset? Was I too boring? Was I too young? Was I too much of child? WHAT.

Funny thing is, I don’t miss you, you. I miss the memories we’ve had. I miss how I can stay up all night just talking to you. I remember sleeping at 3 am because I don’t want our conversations to just end. I miss those times we share songs. The times we just laugh and laugh. I even had a crush on you because of that. You were just so cute (kinda) and sweet (true). You were a friend I could count on. So what happened? How did you end up being a complete stranger to me?

The last time I talked to you, you were different. You sounded different. You’ve kinda changed. What happened to that guy? You seemed bored with me.

Was it I who changed? I don’t know. But yeah, I still miss you, nevertheless. The old you. The old times.

I just miss them, you know.