The Language of Discretion

by raince

Languages are very powerful that it can even influence the mind of an individual – and vice versa. These enable us to sort out and categorize the difference of every person pertaining to his environment, for it is not just a communication tool, but also a carrier of culture.

It is stated that every word of a certain language has its insidious message, which we must look beyond other than our own perception of its literal meaning. We have our own interpretation of things that are incapable of translations. And also, while English speakers point out that the Chinese Language is extremely difficult, Chinese speakers say the same towards the English language. Meaning, it is only those on the outside that the language seems cryptic and incomprehensible. Therefore, we shouldn’t criticize a certain language based on our own ignorance.

We should also remember that these languages are the pillars of how we view the world and how the world sees us.

Kuha mo?