by raince

I am not worthless.

I am a student.

Don’t tell me that what I’m doing, what I’m studying, is not going to help me with the real world. Don’t tell me that these are waste of times. That studying is not supposed to be the priority. That I should learn life skills, not academic skills. That academic skills are useless—that they are not significant.

That’s ignorance. Weeds have grown into your brains and has been watered by even more ignorance. That the world you’re viewing is a hopeless case. What I’m seeing is a world filled with capricious things. So, don’t settle for just these skills. Education is a life skill. Life is an academe with a touch of philosophical shite, my friend. It is not an original paradisiacal state.It is not something you can really define in symbols presented by a thought. But you can touch it. You can see it. Feel it. Taste it. Ignore it. Avoid it. Spill it. Laugh at it. Be with it. DAMN IT.

But it is something there. There.

So, don’t tell me that it worthless to do what I’m doing. That it is worthless to open books and turn its pages with shivering pleasure. That its worthless to stay in a classroom. That it is worthless to be a student. To be me.

Yeah. Fuck you, too.

But then again, life will always fuck us one way or another. I just hope your “life skills” come in handy.

Your mind. Your views. Your problem.