by raince

I only see him

In my dreams now

And when I do,

His face is something new


Was his eyes always like that?

Too squinty?

I remembered them being round

Like they’re swallowing every bit of me

As he looked my way


Was his smile always like that?

Too timid?

I remembered it being wide

Like it’s eating his whole face

As he looked my way


Was his voice always like that?

Too deep?

I remembered them ringing

Like he has a bell in his larynx

While he talk, looking my way


Was his frame always like that?

Too lanky?

I remembered him being stocky

Like a living Adonis

As he walked, looking my way


Was his stare always like that?

Too blank?

I remembered it lighting up

Like a fire in a cold night

As he looked my way


But I remembered him this way


He opened my eyes when I met his

My lips curled to a smile when I saw his

My frame buckling up as I caught a glance of his

My stare being blurry when I met his


That’s how I remembered him

My one and only