Broken Glass

by raince

There was once a girl

Who loves to devour words

But she doesn’t speak up

Her voice seldom heard


One night, she turned off the lights

And crawled on top of her bed

Completely unaware of the creature lurking

Inside her head


She breathed a sigh and tucked her self in

As she gently drifted to sleep

But after a while, she felt her mind throbbing

Her dreams shaking the sanity she keeps


She stared at the ceiling, sweat forming

Trying to shake the feeling away as she steady her eyes

Her head was aching, images appearing

Darkness consuming as cold as ice


She walked out of the room, opening the lights

Her footsteps echoed across the floor

She poured herself a glass of water

Drinking it up, as her mind stirring to its core


Something was stabbing her brain

Hot, intense pain was slowly consuming

She staggered, dropping to the floor

The glass of water shortly following


As she breathed, the glass slicing her skin

She found the monster staring

Her eyes reflecting the glass

She blinked, trying to swallow it in


There was once a girl

Who loves to devour words

But the only thing she formed

Was a scream to be heard