by raince

This guy I met

We were two worlds apart

But I was desperately trying

To get the way to his heart



Dig. Dig. Dig.


Scratch. Scratch. Scratch.


But he was unfazed

Like a body made of marble

He stood, stared

And shook his heavy head

His lips forming a disappointed line


“Get away from me,” he whispered

His voice deep as the empty well

Inside of me

I shook my head, summoning the hell

Inside of me.


And so you know what he did?

Do you?

He kissed me.

I’d much rather he killed me.


His lips were salty.

And bitter.

They were rough.

And not at all softer

Than the loud rhythmic beats

Of my drumming heart.


And so he was the one digging.

Dig. Dig. Dig.

He clawed.

Scratch. Scratch. Scratch.


He pulled away.

I pushed him away.

I stood, stared.

“Get away from me,”

I told him, the walls collapsing.