Quintessence of Life

by raince

Raindrops were drumming against the thin roof, the sound of their melody echoing against the four corners of the room. I am locked inside. I listen to the rhythm of the falling of water, it sets a soothing effect on me. But there was an edge of paranoia. Something heavy sitting on my chest.

My hands are itching to touch something. My feet desperate to walk. My eyes pleading to be opened. But I locked myself in, I cannot find the key. The walls are consuming me, making me suffocate for a short moment, my lungs seeking for something more than just air.

I felt a sense of adventure. To feel the sun. To feel the wind. To feel the rain. To feel the fire. To feel the earth. To feel. To feel life. To taste the sweet essence of it all.

But I am locked inside, something has wrapped me in its arms, not letting me escape. My mind was static, noises buzzing, thoughts swimming. Drifting into a series of images in the air.

I want to see rocks. Trees. Mountains. Oceans. Stars.

I want to see the kaleidoscope. The exquisite picture of everything.

I want to see the quintessence of life.

But I am locked inside. And I cannot go out. The thing weakening me is something out of my control. The rotting soul. The corpse of the heart.

I want to get out of these walls. Make it collapse with a feverish passion, wanting as to so much as to step outside this threshold. I want to climb out of here, but everything was refusing itself as a ladder.

I want to see the world but the world has not opened its windows.

I want to see you but you have locked the door.

I want to see life.

To feel. To laugh. To feel. To cry. To feel. To smile. To feel. To walk. To feel. To talk. To feel. To be closer. To feel. Together.

I want to see the quintessence of life.

In the distance, something blinked, far beyond the barricade of the walls. A small fragment of light peeking at me. I stared at it. Something inside me runs wild. Swimming in my bloodstream. Senses electrifying. Frantic beats as the shouting voice inside my head awoke me from a daze.

And that light overpowered the darkness.

The quintessence of life.