The Art of Tapping Away

by raince

As I stare into my laptop screen, I can hear the yells of my homework clogging my ears.The frantic waving of the pages of my unopened Sociology book– Oh, crap. I have to read two chapters of that. The flashing letters of my written reports– I have three topics to discuss this week and I have not read any of them. The warning glare of my Principles of Teaching textbook– If I keep on dodging my eyes away from it, I’ll suffer the wrath of my professor. She doesn’t accept failure and most definitely, she doesn’t accept excuses. We don’t want to go to Illogical Illyria, the planet of unreason (no idea)(perfect).

But the sound of the tap tap tap of my keyboard brings me a sense of euphoria– it dawns on me a kind of achievement this bunch of requirements never will.

I’m hungry for a grade but I’m starving for thoughts– for creativity.

And the only way I can deliver those thoughts is through this– creatively.

Tap tap tap. 

My hands flying across keys.

Tap tap tap.

My thoughts and hand motion in sync.

Tap tap tap.

Such bliss.

Procrastination at its finest.