by raince


(photo credits to: Vhea Belarmino)


A black veil surrounded the sky.

I sighed, twisting my fingers around the locks of hair. Dragging  myself out of the position I was in, I stretched my arms above my head, seeming to capture the endless display of dots as the stars winked attractively at me.

I stared at my hands; they were shaking uncontrollably.

I glanced back at her. My jacket hugged her curves just at the right places. Her eyes showed no sign of gratitude of what I just did. They were black orbs burning as they stare darkly at the heavens.

Ungrateful bitch.

She should be thankful. If not for me, she would be crawling alley after alley, hugging herself in the cold wintry air.

I crouched, facing her. I twirled her hair again, forcing her to look at me. Her mouth pointed at my own.

The warmth breath was gone.

“You’re welcome,” I told her, pulling the knife off her chest. I tugged the jacket closer to her body, “And Merry Christmas.”