Mixing Pot

by raince

There are thoughts meant to be forgotten and erased; ones which needed to be thought more about; and ones which are just pleading to be remembered. The two latter thoughts need to have a sense of permanence and we can do that by printing the words into a paper, thus we came up with the act of writing. How do we write?

Let’s put this on a process very familiar to me: food.

Once you have cooked all those thoughts with the necessary ingredients and came up with your desired taste, it’s time to put them on a plate. How will you present it? Will it need some condiments or will it work on its own? Will it be a big lump or flat or stripped? How will you eat it? How should it be eaten? Whole or by sections? Chewed or sipped?

It really depends on your own recipe. Once you’ve identified that, you’re ready to go.

So, assuming we have wiped the remaining drool from that side of our mouth, let us continue. Writing is transforming the thoughts and creating more from it. It really depends on the purpose you have. Want to have your ideas stay on earth even if you’re already buried six feet under the ground? Write. Want to be able to communicate without having to make certain face-to-face interactions? Write. Want to escape the boring world you’re currently residing in? Write. Want your voice to be heard? Write. Want to make other people feel that they are not alone? Write. Want to make yourself not feel alone? Write.

One thing is certain: writing is about building connections and networks– with others or yourself. It can be made to understand others more; to be emphatic. It can be to share ideas; to teach other. It can even be a tool to manipulate the masses. It can be a private activity; a place completely your own.

Whatever it is, it is magical. It has its own tricks and charms. You have the words as spells and the pen as the wand.

You are the magician.

You make your world.