As it is in Heaven

by raince

Light green walls hugged the tiled ceiling

The place polluted with clouds grayed with worrying

A storm was coming, the air was breathing heavily on our ear

Heavy raindrops coming from the sudden outburst of fear


A thunder of doubt was heard before our eyes roaring

The sound in unison with the man in white walking

A snake of silver was wrapped around his neck

His eyes the color of blood but his head stood erect


Hands held tight, heads bowed low

The couple’s tears were having a race as they flow

With the news of the man echoing in the halls

Wrapping them in silence and collapse did their hearts fall


No one to catch them and they the same

For their little angelic boy’s end already came

Light quiet footsteps were approaching me now

A smile filled the boy’s face as he gave me a bow


“How was the trip, my child?” I asked him, returning the glee

“Blindingly fast, Father” was his quick answer to me

“If your parents can only see you so happy right now,” I said

“Then there’s really nothing for them to grieve even if you’re dead.”