by raince

In my moments of solitude, I felt an emptiness within me
That shatters the delusion that I don’t care.
Walking amidst the crowd of people, I disagree
That I am content, that I am able to bear.

When my foot meets the ground, I tried to walk
Balanced; or at least I tried
I have gravity to support me but still my heart cried,
I am longing for an arm, for an endless silly talk.

The stars are blank eyes of the sky as they shower their glow
A meaningless blaze; a stupid light for all I know
Yet to be completely honest, I am secretly grateful
For to me, they are the only one forever faithful.

When you think of things in solitary moments
Do not trust the voice whispering in your ear
It is not from anyone you hold dear
Because such person does not exist.

You are you.
But not who you think.
They are them.
But not who you think.