by raince

I am becoming a taciturn kind of person.

But I do understand why a lot of people do this social contact thing called talking– to build balance or harmony. Through this system of making arguments and confessions and just voicing out words, people tend to link their inner and outer worlds.

Unfortunately, that’s not usually how it works.

Instead of painting a straight line, people’s words tend to create strokes of abstract proportions. This is because people are not confident beings, they must always reach a level of feeling safe and they achieve that by shoving their views and opinions in other people’s throats. They must always feel convinced that how they look at their surroundings be the same way to all mankind to create a consensus within and throughout.

This is the cause of conflict.

And that is why I don’t think I should rely on words so much.

Yet I say this in curves of lines until it unleashes a meaning more than its form.