January 20, 2016

by raince

Today, I was asked to read a story in front of the class. It didn’t go that well. Apparently, my teacher liked to take things slowly, to taste every single word, and ponder upon the flavor of impact these words have on the class. She didn’t like the way I do it: fast-paced, with an intention of swallowing everything in one gulp.

As a result, most of my classmates didn’t understand a thing of what I said in front. My excuse was rather pathetic as well: “That’s just how I read, ma’am.” Her way of responding was to put on a show that seems more like an inspirational TV segment we do our best to avoid in fear that our mother would see it and take control over the remote.

Yes. It was so dreadful to be thrown into the spotlight.

Also yes, I get it. I need to slow down. I need to stop living in anticipation. To stop living for the things to come. Otherwise, I would miss the chance of taking part on how my present is becoming. There I go again with “becoming”. Alright. How my present is shaping. I need to take a moment to set back and see how things are.

(I just did. They ain’t good, bruh.)

God. Now I sound like an inspirational TV segment.

Maybe this is the exhaustion speaking. If I am not mistaken, the total kilometers I’ve walked today would cover 5 km. That’s more than 20,000 steps if my calculations are correct (they’re probably not). But yes. I think the talk is coming from my two worn-out feet.

One broken and one asleep.

I’ll probably talk more tomorrow.

If I survive, that is.