January 26, 2016

by raince

Because I’m the paragon of procrastination, I’d rather write a blog entry than study for an exam I have tomorrow (because I feel like once I open the book I have for that subject, my soul would be sucked in like a Dementor that book is).

Anyways. Today, I once again threw the ultimate question of how I will die. Not because I was having an existential crisis where my world is dilapidated and I just have to look over the ruins of my future, no. That’s not it.

I asked this question today because I literally had an entire ride to school not seeing my future whatsoever. Because I felt like I will die. Slowly. But surely.

It was like a roller coaster. Only you’re in slow-mo.

Back to the point.

You see, I was with my genius cousin, overly-trusty that she is, waiting for the bus to get to school when suddenly, a taxi pulled in right in front of us. A student emerged from said taxi, wearing an all-white uniform (she might be a med student) asking us if we’re on our way to PLM (our school).

My cousin assumed the role of a spokesperson and said, “Yes!” with all the energy that she could muster.

White lady hurriedly replied, “Hop in. It’s fine.”

Reality check. If you’re being asked by a total stranger to get into a car, you’d probably say NO to the maximum level of the word. But no, my cousin seemed to have lost all possible form of cynicism and climb inside the taxi.

I had no choice but to follow her. If she would be kidnapped, I’d probably be the one to be blamed anyway. So, what the heck. Also, it is much harder to fight off two people, right? Right?

So. The girl sitting in front of us seemed decent enough to not be a murderer. But I honestly couldn’t trust her completely.

My thoughts while I was in that taxi ranged from the most plausible to the most absurd.

  1. I’m getting kidnapped. How foolish of me not to take note of the plate number. This is the end of me. Tell my family that I love them all and to donate all of my books to charity.
  2. I’m getting kidnapped. What is the best possible way to get out of this car and not be slammed by another car while doing so?
  3. I should probably study for an exam I have today. But how can I concentrate if the only thoughts running through my mind is that I’m fcking getting kidnapped?
  4. This might just be a nice gesture. She seemed really nice, anyway. She’s actually pretty cute. I like her pixie hair. It reminds me of my friend WHO I MAY NEVER SEE AGAIN BECAUSE I’M GETTING KIDNAPPED. Relax. She might just be really nice.
  5. This girl might be a candidate for our next student council election. The year is ending. BUT SHE’S A MED STUDENT. Not an undergraduate.
  6. I’m gonna die.
  7. If I won’t die today, I will smile at everyone I know.

After endless stream of questions that concerns my own personal well-being until the afterlife, the car stopped.

Before I knew it, the school came into view. The girl opened the car door and we followed suit. She gave the fare to the driver without asking us to do the same.

We were standing there awkwardly and when she faced us we thanked her and wished her well. She smiled this really cute I’m-such-in-a-hurry-I-have-to-go-bye smile. And she dashed off.

I’m pretty sure we’ll never see her again. I don’t even know her name.

It took a good one minute to let that all sink in. I felt like a complete idiot. Also, very guilty.

Guess who smiled at everyone I saw today?

I had to.

Mainly because she made me smile. Also, I just escaped death (bear with me, please) and smiling is nice (it kinda is).

I need to stop thinking too negatively of people.