February 10, 2016

by raince

How much do I still have to bear?

I feel like you’ve dumped the weight of the world on my shoulder, dragging me down to my own personal hell

Seeing every sickening memory we have, tasting again the sweet lullabies of the bygone days

It was too much to carry, I can feel my knees slamming against the cold cemented floor, slowly making my lips meet the ground

It was torture, this weight

But I can still focus my eyes on you but I can feel the heaviness of the tears as I tried to look up

How much do I still have to bear?

And you,


You beautiful piece of creation, traced with perfection at every stroke, drawing every fiber of my being to a maddening frenzy, shooting electricity every where

You stare at me steadily from those cold, darker than coal, eyes

How much weight do I have to bear for you?

While you

You’re one of a kind, you’re the only one, you’re irresistible, you’re alluring, you’re addicting,you–

You’re one beautiful sonuvabitch

You’ve made me fall, hard– as you dumped all the weight of the world on my shoulder

Yet I can see you standing straight,


Chin held up high,

Blazing pride from those mocking eyes

Your whole frame, the steadiness of the way you stand

Feet firmly planted, eyes the same on me

I see them carrying something–

Carrying nothing, nothing but

Pity and disgust for me

And I can see the world you’ve dumped

Crashing on my shoulder.