August 7, 2016

by raince

Hi, I went Dora mode earlier. Without the map. Because honestly, how can you call yourself an explorer when you’re limiting yourself to only mapped territories?

Anyways. I don’t have a map. I was too shy to ask the driver for specific directions so I just squinted at the glaring signboards to know if I’m on the right track. Lol, how was I to know that?  Soooo I might have asked the driver to drop me off the wrong stop. GUESS WHO WALKED WAY MORE  DISTANCE THAN SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO? *waves hand in the air like I don’t care*

That one epic fail was a sign sent from the gods of omens.


Yep, anyway.

Guess what!

The person we interviewed was so cool. So chill. So Orwellian. He’s a talking manifesto. But no, seriously, he was chill. His office was in dire need of proper ventilation, though unless he plan on being Hades “Cy, no gods, remember?” “Oh right, sorry sorry.” But he’s got the look for it.

Anyway, blah blah blah. Interview over. I spoke once, only to stutter my way to disaster. It was comparable to stuffing four marshmallows inside my mouth and trying to speak.

“So, sir. Um. Oh. Kuya. Okay, um. Like you said earlier, um a few moments ago if you can remember, news websites are ‘privately-owned’ by big corporations so um aren’t they restricted, meaning limited and caged-in, to being in favor of these sides? Like, sides *tries illustrating two opposite poles with hands* yep, sides. So, being restricted leading to restrictive? *starts waving hands in the air like I don’t care*”

It was a cool thing he was cool. Otherwise, I’d look like an ultimate fool.

That was tiring. Someone was also hit by a train today on our way home. My friends were all excited seeing the body. I think we’ve breathed enough pollution from the streets of Manila that it has taken over our brain.

I’m still high, see.

Peace, yo.

P.S. I ate too much cookies. AND IT WAS EVEN PEANUT BUTTER *horrified gasps*