by raince

Hello, everyone! *waves from the other side of the screen*

I didn’t do anything but read Shakespeare today. You know how that goes, I spent at least a few minutes trying to decipher lines. Honestly, people. Some of the verses seemed like cryptic messages needed to be decoded. But the word play is still brilliant, I absolutely loved it. Only problem I’m having is trying to grasp the idea of how can someone fall in love with someone after a few minutes of being aware of each other’s existence. Get this: Romeo was madly in love with Rosaline just a few verses away from his meeting with Juliet and afterwards he was like, “Rosaline who?” But the writing— OH MY ACTUAL GOD, THE WRITING! It is beautiful so it makes up for every flawed plot holes. And I don’t think Shakespeare actually meant for this story to be viewed as a love story, IT IS A TRAGEDY. It’s supposed to be teaching us a lesson that *that* kind of love ends in death.

Okay, kidding aside. I haven’t been writing a lot here lately. Blame life. Blame sleep. Sleep is life. So, yep. I decided to do a list of all things that had happened.

  • October 7, 2016

I went to school to submit requirements. That was fun. Not. I spent some time computing my grades and I found out that my general average could actually be a candidate for Latin Honors. Which means my parents are going to be so proud of me that they’re going to pressure me more. Fun.

So to reward myself of my misery, I had a mini adventure. I went to a mall with Ate Jonah with the plan of looking for umbrellas because the current one that I’m using has little holes on them so that defeats the purpose of actually being an umbrella. We didn’t find any. She had to go home early that day so I was left on my own wandering around Manila.

I went to a new bookstore that I was planning on visiting since the first time I saw it (which was around five years ago lol). They have some really great collection. I might return there sometimes with mama. She said she needed to get some books, too sooo yay.

Anyway, that was a tiring day. Because I spent too much of my money on books (I didn’t bring enough with me to school because I thought I’d only be there for a few hours) that I felt guilty spending anymore. So, I walked home! That was an experience haha. I needed to walk as fast as I could because you never could really trust Manila.

So it was no surprise that when I got home, I immediately slept. And I had the weirdest dream: It started with me in an art gallery (of all places), I was taking pictures of the art pieces that I liked until I started posing them on Instagram. Then the dream shifted to me being on the actual Instagram. The app! Another shift and then I was on my bed, with it shoved against the wall by the window. The view outside was rather the same view as the one I actually have but just… wider, really spacious– I could look as far as I could and I could see only the sky. No buildings or anything, just the endless distance of nothing but purple sky. Yes, the sky was purple. While looking out, I started singing “Part of Your World” from the Little Mermaid. PEOPLE, I don’t even know its lyrics yet I was inventing some of my own while singing.

And then I woke up. The first thing I did? Of course, you guessed it! I listened to that song. And browsed through more of Disney songs until I ended up watching the entire movie of Disney’s Hercules (fave Disney move). That was relaxing. I had lots of fun! I also spent the remaining hours of the day reading Sophie’s World that I immediately finished.

  • October 8, 2016

My mom woke me up, almost dragged me out of bed. She was asking me to accompany her to check out the new superstore (yes, super) nearby. Like, it’s really near, people. And super. It has almost everything (by everything, I meant food). So I had to get up and ate a little breakfast because she was yelling for me to hurry up.

Imagine my growling stomach when I got there. I almost could eat a truck. Also, the place was massive! I didn’t have enough energy to go roaming around, not to mention their pushcarts were huge enough for me to fit into. But that turned out to be quite all right because when we did get to the actual grocery store (passed through the torturous food stalls calling out my grumbling stomach to calm down), every aisle had a free sample. I might have tried out every free sample they had haha. HEY, I WAS HUNGRY. And there was this stall with banana chips. I got at least three of those samples (don’t judge me) but the lady didn’t mind so much because mama bought ELEVEN freaking jars of banana chips. Guys, ELEVEN. It looked like we were going to put up a  banana chips business or something. And one jar was the size of my head.

Anyways, yep. We didn’t end up buying a lot of things because we weren’t really there to shop but just to check out what they have and all that. Mama just got impulsive with those chips. I claimed territory on one of them when we got home and guys, don’t judge me again, but I might have eaten half of them already coz lalala.

So, that was all I did. Not that exciting to read at all. But I had fun, nonetheless. I think I’d end this now before I make you people fall asleep haha.